Painting Graces the Pure Wellness Walls


“Everything is as it should be”
Acrylic paint with gold marker

Artist Statement:

“Everything is as it should be” is a culmination of the images and feelings I experienced during my first ever reiki session with Cathy Podd. During the guided meditation portion listening to Cathy’s soothing voice, I heard her say the words “everything is as it should be”. That sentence will stay with me for the rest of my life, as an anchoring, comforting thought. During the rest of the reiki session I experienced a few different visions and feelings or energies that I tried to capture on this canvas in a unified composition.

One vision I experienced was a violet flower blooming from the crown of my head. An energy I felt was while Cathy had her arms under the pillow and around my head; it was a mothering, loving, calm sense of safety and security. I saw and felt a soft baby-pink glow all around me from Cathy’s warmth and maternal energy. Another vision I saw during my session was mountains rising up from my stomach; I watched them grow from my body. Among other visions, feelings, and colors, towards the end of my session I felt and saw cool, calming colors flowing all around me and flowing away from me.

The energy and experience I gained from our reiki session amazed me. It was an honor creating this painting and trying to depict my experience in a true form. Thank you Cathy Podd for your talents and your magic.

Taylor Rae Paddock





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