A Red Tent Series: Women’ Self-Care Part 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.01.20 AM.pngThis 5 part series will take you through my own personal red tent of self-care. Though I am guilty of falling off sometimes, I make sure to get back to a routine as much as I can. Some days if I have gone the whole day without some type of conscious self-care, I lay down in my bed for the night, close my eyes and take 3 nice deep, slow breaths. That’s just enough.

As I mentioned in the first post, many of us have reasons (money, time, etc) for not taking care of our selves, but as my grandmother once said in so many words, you can’t afford NOT to take care of yourself.

I hope these ideas allow you to at least think about making yourself a priority.


I have a 5 step process of taking care of myself. If I can allow time for all 5, it can be an extremely healing process for my body, mind and soul and feel like a treat to some. Even if I do one a day, it gives me what I need.

Grounding is my first step. Have you ever felt like you are running through a day so quickly, you can’t actually remember what you’ve done? Maybe you’ve driven from point A to point B and when you arrive, you can’t actually recall the drive there. These are the times we are struggling to put both feet on the ground. It’s important to be in the moment, or mindful and that is why I think grounding is so crucial. The hard part is taking time to do it, but the actual exercise is a piece of cake.

Grounding exercise

  1. Find a space you feel relaxed in and either stand or sit. Outside is great, but for those who have winters that last 9 months a year like me, anywhere you feel comfortable is perfect!
  2. Take off your shoes and socks so you can feel the ground.
  3. Look at the ground and notice how it feels, on your feet if you are standing, or your butt if you are sitting.
  4. Take a deep breath in counting to 4, down to your belly. Then slowly release it to a count of 4 seconds.
  5. Visualize yourself as a tree or plant whose roots are quickly spreading down into the earth.
  6. Sit there for a moment allowing yourself to feel planted fully. Think “I am secure, nourished, and brave”. Use this as a mantra if you like to use mantras.
  7. When you are ready, stomp your feet if you are standing, or rock back and forth on your butt. 
  8. Say thank you to whomever/whatever it is you prefer and especially say thank you to yourself!

That’s it. This can take as short as 1 minute or as long as 1 hour. There are SO many ways to ground. Please feel free to add your own grounding exercises too!

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