Introducing Herb of the week soon

ImageAs I go further into my studies of aromatherapy, I found myself in Herbalism. Herbalism is a journey that one can find themselves in for a whole lifetime. I started mine by working with essential oils in aromatherapy, and my tiny container gardens, and in my massage sessions. Then I wanted to dig a little deeper and learn about the plants behind the oils and now have found myself in a world full of thousands of other plants!

Soon the Aromatherapy of the week will turn into Herb of the week as you follow me in my certification for Herbalism studies. I will be laying it out much like an extremely shortened version of a materia medica. It will include common names, latin names, quick tips, if it produces essential oils (for aromatherapy), properties, and uses.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do and please always feel free to chime in with other knowledge of these plants! Watch out for the first of the series starting in October.

Photo credit: Cathy Podd – Pure Aromatics

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