The Senses


The senses are extremely important to me to integrate in massage sessions for it to become a full mind, body, spirit experience. Here are a few sensory moments you might find to help clients relax fully and benefit fully from their service.

Touch: This may be the obvious one, but even in providing deep tissue sessions I pay attention to how touch is introduced. I try to be very aware of gentle touch when first introducing my presence to someone’s muscles. It’s important to warm the tissue before delving in deeper, no matter what the focus is. Also, the feel of the sheets or warmed table are considered into the sense of touch.

Sight: You may have your eyes closed during a session (which allows you to relax more), but there is something about the use of colors and visualization in your environment. Blues, lavenders, and light greens are known to be more relaxing. Minimalist decor can be relaxing, but also creative decor can be uplifting.

Hearing: On your intake forms, you will be asked what type of music you prefer. Some prefer Classical, some prefer New Age or spa music. Even experimenting with different sounds from nature or vibrations can make some soothing tones. Some also feel noise is distracting and just prefer a white noise machine.

Smell: Every session includes some type of aromatherapy. It may be used as a deep breathing exercise, in the massage oil or lotion, or even herbs wrapped in hot towels. Many essential oils and herbs can bring you into a deeper state of relaxation and I am always experimenting with different ways to bring it into the treatment room.

Taste: This may come to a surprise to some, but I always keep a few different green, black, or herbal teas on hand. Smell affects taste as well. If you were to inhale an aroma that is disagreeable, it may linger on your taste buds as well.

If you feel you would like to integrate more into your sessions, I am always open to more ideas! Make this truly your time.

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