Intuitive Integrative Massage

I’ve been asked many times to describe my massages. I notice my answers range from ultimate relaxation and energy work to Special Needs to injury and chronic pain relief. And in all honesty, it really is all of them. So, I suppose “Intuitive Integrative Massage” would be the best choice if one would need a label.

Some people may have an issue with the word “intuitive”. Although it sounds strange, intuition can be looked at as a very sub-conscious common sense ¹. One might assume I’m not using the many hours of my massage education. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My mind immediately goes into problem-solving/text-book mode no matter what type of case I have. However, once I am working on that person, intuition melds with the technical.

If you have had many massages from different therapists, you may know what  I am talking about. Some may feel too robotic or step-by-step to you. In the beginning of my career, I know I was guilty of that. Now, I push myself towards holding onto my knowledge, then welcoming the intuition and making it the glue or “flow” of the massage. (This is not to say I don’t have many years of learning to come!)

I’ve been reading a wonderful, new book by Paulo CoelhoAt the end of one of the chapters, he recalls watching a blacksmith forge his work…

‘You probably think I’m doing the same thing over and over, don’t you?’
‘Yes’, I said.
‘Well, you’re wrong. Each time I bring the hammer down, the intesity of the blow is different; sometimes it’s harder, sometimes it’s softer. But I learned that only after I’d been repeating the same gesture for many years, until the moment came when I didn’t have to think-I simply let my hand guide my work.’
Aleph by Paulo Coelho

“I simply let my hand guide my work.”

Those moments are the foundation of my massage.

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