Swedish Massage, What is it?

swed·ish mas·sage
A popular general-purpose system of massage, devised in Sweden.

When newcomers see Swedish Massage listed on a spa menu, most aren’t quite sure what it is. In short, it is “classic massage”. These are the strokes that are the foundation of massage.  It is what most refer to as a “relaxation massage” in which reducing stress is the main issue worked. It is also used to “warm” the tissue up before diving into the deeper layers.

Most massages utilize some type of Swedish technique. The main strokes include:

  • effleurage (sliding and gliding)
  • petrissage (kneading)
  • tapotement (percussive and tapping)
  • Friction (cross fibers)
  • Vibration/Shaking


Each of these techniques increases blood circulation and seratonin levels, which can help to improve stress and sleeping habits as well. Other  techniques such as tapotement, friction and vibration can help energize the body when needed.

Swedish massage can be a great gift for anyone and help bring their body back to balance. Even if you are in a complete state of well-being, booking a massage 3-4 times a year can aid in keeping you there.

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